When the 😈 went down to Georgia!

The devil was in the details!

OpenClipart-Ve from Pixabay

The devil went down to Georgia, yeh, because he’d been watching y’all

This one supposedly in the bag, dang it!

Wasn’t it a red state after all?

Surely one to question and stall?

Recounting may find it’s a bad call!


Raffenspergers gotta line it all up

But has he got ‘the balls’ to find

All the badly needed votes

That you’re behind!

Anyways you know you gotta go

When it’s family, you just oughta

That’s who you’re gonna call

Blood being thicker than water!

Donnie boy was in such a blue funk!

With vote counting going from grim

To swinging a Cat´ o' nine´tails`

On ya all!

That counting a stinking skunk!


But the devil was into all the details!

You’re on a sticky wicket here, old boy

The ballots are coming in thick and fast

For in these final hours, you’re coming in last!


As they're not going your way, old mate

If there was once a chance here

It’s now too late in the decay

To even hope for that today!


You didn’t follow my advocating

Marshalls seizing mailed-in ballots

Stopping this corrupted counting

Embargoing all that illegal voting

Going to the courts for outing

Forestalling this vote reporting

God damn voting rorting!


You could still be saved by a recount

A margin of error out a slim amount

But you're starting from behind the eight ball on this one

You gonna hafta find some fourteen

thousands of votes illegitimate!


That’s a fraction too much fiction of

All those possible future acquisitions

Falling into your lap as requisitions!

Don't count on this dud one coming good, old son!

It was probably undoable for anyone!


You'll need a plan B for this other one!

A Senate majority to be roped!

It’s high noon at the OK Corral

This one is soap-on- a- rope

Any dope could manage it!

Think you could too?


There's a lot riding on this rodeo!

So are you this wrangler too?

A redneck dude could do it!

The question is, can you?


A chokehold on Biden's agenda!

It’s the one overriding rationale!

For staking the house on this one

Put all your chips on red to get this done!

It should not need pointing out, old mate

This one likely your last referendum!


You should be going down there, old son!

Staking out your claim on this one!

Republican control of the Senate

Is staked to a winning outcome!

Your base’s morale depends on this one!


Prove you’re still "the chosen one"

You've gotta get this one done!

Keeping the American dream alive!

Unless you contrive a 'Second Coming’!


My best advice to you now though

Get going until that fine day dawns

Nothing will save you from this bad wind that's blowing!

I can't help you with what you've sowne!

It’s your own ill wind that’s blown in!


As the damage is beyond repairs

Head for the showers then the stairs

Concede to your opponent’s prayers

And his Delaware stares


No more splitting or counting of hairs!

Say you'll go all peaceably now

'Au contraire' to your usual disposition!


You’ve had a good run these past four years

You can’t say you’ve been caught unaware

By the guy from Delaware

Now's not the time to be shedding tears

Nor the time to be giving in to your fears

Or the time to release any new scares!

Nor starting any new foreign affairs!


Or putting on any more stupid airs!

You lost fair and square, you mug!

You're such a stupid thug!


You’re down for a talk

When you do your last perp walk

Hell’s pitchforks are just down the stairs!

You’re guaranteed a warm reception!


The writing on the wall, old chump!

The jig is up and the die is cast!

Nothing further to be done here

Your time's finally up at last!


You can't continue with this fable!

You’ve got no horses in your stable

Fox 🦊 News calls this a “mislabel”!

Main stream media: “unbelievable”!


I’ll give it to you straight, you loser!

There’ll be no more debating this

Refuse me if you choose

Till the conversion of the Jews

That’s the Bible’s, huh, good news

But that version’s too unreliable

To effect a reality that’s desirable

That would really cause dem blues

So don’t you fiddle with me, boy!

Your instrument’s out of tunes

I’ll be out to screw you too if

That’s what you choose to do.

As I raised you up, remember

I can make you that loser too.


As your lies will never do

What you want them to

You can’t make a coup

By just suing the blue

You can assert all you like.

It’s gonna be your routing

When folks are outing you

You can’t corruptly miscount

To falsify an election recount

They’ve called out your accounting!

So you’re right out of options, you old fake

There'll be no celebratory cake! 🍰

You're all done and dusted now

Orange 🍊 is no longer the new black!


For you there's no coming back!

Unless there's a 'second coming'!

For now, you’ve got the sack!


O’Commander in Chief we beseech you

On your last days in that high office

Put aside your natural inclinations!

Ongoing recriminations and defiance of the peoples' will

Machinations and Machiavellian plots

There’s hidden costs, history shows

Of that sort of hubris and resistance

That won’t serve you well now

Nor your future ambitions!


Leave with grace and a humble demeanour

That is befitting of that great office

You are now relinquishing!

As our 45th President!

Go without rancour or acrimony

Don't hold disruptive intentions!

Avoid unlawful ramifications!

For the sake of this great country,

Set your sights on our rights now

Your exit a peaceful transition!


Respect our honorable intentions

So we can at least respect you!

For the manner of your departure!

To a new peaceable President setting out on

A path of democratic good intentions

Full of hope for a new day dawning

A course correction to new futures

New insights with no retentions

That unites red and blue exceptions!


No clawing back by all those damn

Sycophantic Republican politicians

Swearing allegiance to just one-man

Their helmsman an antagonistic partisan bore

Partitions a reprogram of traditions

Parlous impositions as they’re now democracy’s morticians!


As ‘The Donald ‘ is supplanting

Their Grand Old Party of Yore

By his governance of ‘em all!


It’s clear he had malign intentions

He telegraphed in advance

His defiance of political conventions

All of this had long been hypothesized

The radicalised would come deputized

Their misapprehensions swarming in

Deluded metastasized interventions!

No more the hysterical inventions

Fever nightmares of the liberal left.

Sore losers now provide the proofs

That were in hiding in plain sight

Of all those accusatory true contentions!

To subvert the popular will of the people!


Trumping democratic rule

With his own brand of one!

Traducing our democratic tradition

With the domination of one man

His playbook for the nation!


The promulgation of ‘The big lie’

Deranged fabrications about this

Democratic cheating, spoon-fed to

Believing and disbelieving masses


Pernicious to their mental balance

Dispensing this opium ad infinitum

Poisoning the national psyche and

Critically unbalancing the nation!

a canard too easily made.

No greater disservice to the nation!

Enquiries must of course be made.

To hoist him on his own petard!


Congress must pursue this bastard

Corruption of political faiths as

Political lies of this vast a dimension

Rob consensus from our affirmation

That we are indeed under oath still

That one nation God intended!


The Resurrection of the Democrat

Won by popular vote of the people

Ensured no recanting of this jewel

There’d be no fiat misrule by a fool

This aberrational and abominable!


Further reading


Here’s the full transcript and audio of the call between Trump and Raffensperger




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John Corlis [jhcorlis@gmail.com]

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